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Calgary / Edmonton Property Leasing

At Calgary and Edmonton Property Leasing, we understand how difficult it is to be a landlord. By becoming your tenant, we guarantee that we will:

  • Place suitable, responsible subtenants on the property
  • Handle all subtenant communications
  • Mitigate maintenance calls
  • Pay your rent on time, every time, guaranteed

Working with us frees up your time and allows you to reap the benefits of owning an investment property without worry.

What we do

We are not a typical management company or a rental insurance program. Calgary/Edmonton Property Leasing becomes your tenant and takes on the responsibility of paying you, ensuring that you get your rent on time, every month! We do not charge any management, administration, or membership fees. You will incur no out-of-pocket expenses as a result of what we do.

How does it work?

As your tenant, we pay approximately 90% of the market rental value for your property in this case. For example, if you rent a property for $3000, we will pay you $2700. From there, we handle everything related to the property’s rental for this purpose. There are no hidden costs for you, and you receive your rent whether your property is rented or vacant. This guarantee will not be provided by any regular management company. We use our comprehensive background check throughout the lease term because it is in our best interest to ensure that your property is rented and well cared for. You can therefore sit back and relax with the company as your tenant – Calgary/Edmonton Property Leasing is your key to financial security with your rental property.

Skin in the game.

Calgary/Edmonton Property Leasing is incentivized to find you good quality tenants because we have skin in the game. It is in our best interest to keep your property rented, as we pay you rent while the property or unit is empty or not.


Call us or send us an email, and we’ll show you how simple it is to rent out your investment property when you work with us.

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